The Algarve Tech Hub is a strong Tech Ecosystem that aims to develop and promote the Algarve region as the best lifestyle tech hub of Europe for technology-focused companies and individuals, identify talents and attract international stakeholders into the region, namely strategic investors, the scientific and the digital nomad & remote workers community.

The uniqueness of the Algarve Tech hub is that it was bootstraped by the regional community and private tech companies in collaboration with local councils, central government and the university. Added to which are the technological strategic focus of the country since early 2010, specifically as regards the national tech strategy, international tech promotion, the organisation of events on an international scale, such as Web Summit, and the various fiscal benefits and public and European investments available to support both companies and technological development.

Above all, the goal is to aggregate and consolidate know-how in specific technological areas, the aim being to create brain power that will allow projects with a real chance of being winners on the international scene to be designed and developed. It is vital, therefore, that the Algarve Tech Hub’s ecosystem brings together strong stakeholders, including Incubators, accelerators, academies, mentor-pools, know-how centres, nearshoring and outsourcing service centres.

As an open system, its structuring will be done by voluntary decision of the various entities inserted in the technological fabric and promoting whenever possible the convergence of the respective activities.