Toin Adamns


Born in Zambia in Africa and grew up Zimbabwe. Thats why she loves the Algarve so much. Toin began her artistic life as a graphic and web designer, but the virtual world was not enough and she moved into property development which somehow turned her into a sculptor. She loved the smell of burning metal on the building sites so she would hang around to watch and eventually an elderly welder taught her how to weld. So she soon became a monumental sculptor. After a while Toin started a collective with 3 female artists and about 150 artists from all over the world in all different disciplines. This became the Imaginary Beings Collective. In this symbiotic, creative environment of the collective, mixing up and experimenting with all sorts of media and artforms is a very natural consequence. And now after some recent experiments in the making of holograms and video mapping she has been led back to the virtual world where she's now trying to combine everything: the spoken & written word, video, painting, sculpture, performance of all kinds, sound, cymatics, fractals, spirals, music, dance, VR, AI, 3D and interactivity to provoke cultural production as a normal part of every day life in a world that seems to have lost its joy. For Toin now in these dark times, creativity at all costs is a matter of survival and necessity more than ever before.

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